It was 1990 when John Boone Inc. opened its doors in the D&D Building, but the story begins years, maybe decades earlier. John Boone and Christopher Lockwood traveled parallel paths before they crossed: Both were born in cities and raised on family farms in New York State, where the American work ethic and aesthetic of simple things made beautiful by hand, were instilled early. For Chris, there was also an early fascination with his grandfather’s custom upholstery workroom. Both earned degrees in Interior Design, while apprenticing at the best design studios of the day. And John went on to work for the extraordinary man who would become his mentor and pass on his legacy—Paul M. Jones.

Appropriately and fortuitously, Boone and Lockwood met on a train, on the way to Hudson, near their future Columbia County home, office, and warehouse. They saw in each other something that continues to inspire and provoke, and rode it to a national reputation, an expansive Manhattan showroom, and satellite showrooms across the country. Chris and John have passed the quarter-century mark as life partners, and the two-decade mark as business partners. But in 1990, armed with interior design degrees, their combined experience with the best of the best, prodigious energy, and a shared passion for the timelessness of beauty and quality, John Boone began the journey of making its own legend.