Handmade in New York by
the best hands in the business.

Our Makers

We’re not Luddites; we love tech in every way but one. Every piece in our collections — upholstered, metal or wood — is stitched, woven, lacquered, welded, finished, by hand. Many hands, often second or third generation, some of them children of the craftsmen we inherited from our mentor, Paul Jones. And in some ateliers, two generations working side by side.

But our makers are not Luddites either, and though neither we nor they would consider mass production, there are now tools for master craftsmen that enhance old world technique with new technology. 

World-class artisans all, they represent the diversity, energy, and sheer excellence of the city that all cities emulate but never quite match — New York. Which means we can stay closely and deeply connected to the entire process, from the first conversation in our showroom, to the final inspection of the completed piece in the workroom.