Labor of love.

Our Story

Once upon a train, on its way up the Hudson River, our journeys collided and converged. We disembarked at the same station, and kept going, to make a life consisting of the two essentials (said Freud) — love and work. 

We had traveled on parallel tracks, growing up on family farms in upstate New York — where the value of simple things made beautiful by hand was instilled — earning interior design degrees, while apprenticing at the best design studios of the day, in particular, with the man who became our mentor, Paul M. Jones. 

In 1990, we arrived at the next station, when John Boone, the company, was born, and grew up and out, all across the country. In 2011, another arrival, our marriage, a celebration of what had long been so. 

It’s been quite a ride and here we all are at this unimaginable time, which makes our commitment to things that last more relevant than ever. We’ve come full circle to embrace New York as our sole place of business, inspiration, and creation, and interior design as equal to furniture design.