American and European style.

Paul M. Jones Collection

Paul Jones turned the reproduction of antique furniture on its head. In fact, he never reproduced anything. Like any artist, his artistry was built on a foundation of tradition, but his pieces are original, with the DNA of an antique and a dose of modernity. Paul was that rare bird who flew high, without ego or affectation. He was on a first name basis with Billy, Mario, Sister, and Mark, but he never advertised that or anything else. If you were in the know, you knew him.

It all began in 1958. He dove head-first into an era of cocktails and canapés, étagères, guéridons, and daybeds and rose to the top. But his sensibility, evident in the chocolate brown lacquer walls and cork tile floors in his never-changing showroom, was not subject to trends. 

He was a true mentor and we are beyond grateful to be the stewards of his collection, and heirs to a legacy of reinvention that we call upon daily, to keep his collection and ours, both timeless and timely.

Lockwood Boone Collection

Our own collection is the heart of John Boone, but it owes its soul to Paul Jones, our late mentor-partner. Our story and his are inextricably intertwined. We built our house on his foundation, embracing, embodying, and enhancing Paul’s way. While his reinterpretations of great American and European furniture design are of his time, ours are of our time, utilizing our custom capability for unlimited creativity.

Each commissioned Lockwood Boone piece is made to measure by our makers, right here in New York. And when we say we oversee the work of our master craftsmen and women, we mean they are our collaborators in a way that is possible only with direct and frequent onsite contact, as a piece evolves from two dimensions to three.